Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Introduction

Hi there,

I am from Bangalore. I speak, read, and write Kannada, Hindi, and English. I think mostly in English.

Though I am a Kannadiga, I am still yet to discover the richness of this language. After a futile attempts at reading long lengthy novels in Kannada, I stuck to English as it is the language that I am most comfortable with.

I understand a little of Tamil and Telugu. I can reply in monosyllables for these two languages.

I am a writer, an artist, a technologist, researcher, teacher, trainer,  patent analyst, software engineer. I take to technology like a fish takes to water.

I just wrote my first animation game with Stencyl software.

If you are looking to hire a potential asset that will grow in leaps and bounds within your company skyrocketing the company to maximum potential, you can write to me at annakoppad at gmail dot com.

Heres a introductory video of myself that I shot with my Samsung Phone A7.

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