Sunday, April 17, 2016

Noni and The Evil Joker - My First Game

I was sitting and whiling away time on my computer looking for some work on the freelancer. I have exhausted all my bids on Freelancer, and now I am waiting for employers to respond back to my application.

In the mean time, the evening Dosa was working its effects on my stomach, so dozing was the only thing left to do for me. That's what I thought.

In an instant, instant something struck my mind. I wanted to write my own game. Hence I googled up some softwares' having just an idea in my head about the game that I wanted to create. I downloaded the Google Sketch Pro totally aware that I was going to be using it for a month alone, that's the extent to which Google provided me with trial period.

I created and destroyed a couple of projects that did not anywhere from a lady standing on the ground. I put some bushes and two cars in the Sketch Pro editor. Then I wanted my objects to move. Further for that I googled up Stencyl.

I did a crash course on my animated characters wherein my hero Noni stomps over the evil Joker. You can find my first game here. The crash course is here, Stencyl Crash Course.

I created my first animation game and then Blogger would not allow me to upload swf files on to a post. Here, I am with an animated game and am not able to publish online. It was fun for the time I did that.

Oh wait, I am creating second game now.! Ciao around laters!



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