Monday, April 18, 2016

Patent Statistics and Market Value of Indian information technology firms

Hey All,

Here I am, sitting at my desk, unable to sit quietly.

While I sit and think of writing anything more, I just thought why not write about a research that I have submitted for review.

Since the paper is still under review, I will provide you with a preview of the abstract alone.

"Patents form the intangible knowledge assets of a firm. This paper examines the usefulness of
patent counts as a measure of importance that can influence the market value of a firm. Patent
counts refer to the number of patents held by the firm. This paper examines the patent counts of
Indian Information technology (IT) firms in relation to their market values. This paper is the first
step towards examining patent data for their contribution towards market value of Indian IT

Please contact me on my cell phone or email ID annakoppad at gmail dot com to obtain a copy of the paper for a price. 

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