Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pyladies Bangalore chapter

I started out as a lone programmer looking to get back to coding when I stumbled upon a rock boulder almost hampering my enthusiasm to learn a new programming language. It was then I started the Pyladies Bangalore chapter.

Here is the journey so far!

I founded Pyladies Bangalore to encourage women to learn programming. This chapter is a pro-women organization and is open to people from all spheres of life. I encourage women to bring their kids along with them to foster the scientific interest in both the women and their children. I encourage women who have taken break in their careers to get back on their feet both financially and emotionally. 

A little more about me:

I am a technologist, researcher, programmer, a leader, teacher, and a writer all rolled up into one. I love doing research. There's a bit of me in everything I do. Sometime it may be a little too much. I guess I get that liberty after doing things that I have done. Be it market research or writing up for the next travel hike, or digging into that new phone that I just bought, I love it.

I am a fast learner always ready to take new challenges, explored avenues that fuel my personal growth while providing me opportunities to network with other individuals that can enhance my personality. I take to technology like a fish takes to water. I am polite, well behaved, and strong to handle positions of great responsibility with ease. I have had experiences ranging from worst to the best. Those experiences haven hewed into a person with the right blend of emotional quotient, intelligence, agile to identify and harness new opportunities, and adept at work that I perform. 

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