Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ten reasons that I miss a partner, husband!

I am divorced lady living alone. If you ask me, if I ever miss marriage or wedded bliss, I would not hesitate a second to tell no. The way I have seen marriage is worse than my worst nightmare. Oh wait, isn't that conflicting with the title of this post. Please be patient, while I write it out.

There are some things that I do miss about marriage, here is the list of the reasons.

  1. There are times when I am working on my computer, and I want to drink tea, I just miss someone to bring me tea at that particular without me having to move my parked assets, if you know what I mean.
  2. There are times that I am late to places where I have to be, thats absolutely the time when I miss someone to take me there while I handle my personal stuff.
  3. A guy near my house told me that he has been observing me over the past few days and has fallen in love with me. I wanted someone to punch him in the face right there, because right now, I am having problems with diet, and stuff. Yeah, I know man, a personal, unpaid, bodyguard is what I need.
  4. One time I fell ill, and I was not able to move from my bed, let alone go to work or eat.Thats the necessity. I mean, I know, a personal nurse who can wipe  whatever.
  5. Whenever I see my house unclean, I definitely miss having a partner to clean it up..:D A in house servant who will not steal stuff.
  6. Buying grocery, oh man, how I miss someone to carry my stuff. My personal trained luggage tag along.
  7. Someone to keep track of my things especially when I misplace stuff, someone who can find things I misplaced.
  8. Everytime I travel, a personal assistant who can pack, unpack, keep abreast with the travel itenerary, etc would definitely not hurt.
  9. Someone to cook good food, ah, a in house servant would not hurt.
  10. Coming back home, I definitely would love to see someone wait for me with loving eyes. A dog would definitely help.
I am going to shut my mouth after these, just in case, I might have not triggered some decent, well behaved husbands and irked them.

If someone did get irritated, yes please, that was the original purpose.

Mission acccomplished!

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