Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Identifying predatory conferences - My own experiences

These are couple of things that I have learnt from my experiences about predatory conferences:

1. No proper website or online presence.
2. I have realized one thing, build a website and pay little money, your website starts featuring in the start of Google results. Even if you have a website, and it gets shown in Google results, its not good to attempt submitting your paper to such conferences.
3. Conferences that have poor website design without proper designated people for responses. Unanswered emails, and overall unresponsiveness is the biggest light that can open the innards of the conference.
4. Conferences that try to fleece money from the users without giving proper justification about the way they are getting papers published.
5. I can close my eyes and trust in established conferences such as IEEE, Python Software Conferences, etc. Conferences that have had a history rather than a new website with the all above mentioned points. There are some negative points about established conferences as well. But given the choice between bad and evil, I would still choose Bad than evil.
6. Educational qualifications of peer reviewers, editorial board, and their experience with reviewing and editing papers.

If there are others, please let me know.

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