Sunday, December 11, 2016


I wanted to get a operation done for the past few days.

I considered my mother and father as my children after a while since I believed my mother was uneducated, and my father had problems with his attitude. Not to forget to mention, how much I cared for my sister. I considered her my child for whom I could set the best example that anyone could ever have had.

Unfortunately for me, all of them turned me down. Told me on my face that I do not mean a thing and did not do anything for me. They were angry with me.

I could stay and plot revenge for them. But what makes me makes me. Revenge is not me. I cared, and I loved. True to the last word.

I have no wish of mating another guy or having any more children. I do not want to adopt another dog for that matter, that will keep me holding to anyone.

I went to the doctor and told her that I want to get hysterectomy in case there was anyone who wanted me to look for them, or save them, or love them, sex or no sex involved. The doctor says that I have to get a sign from my father to have the operation.

Right now, I have just enough to live for the day. So, till the time comes when I can afford the operation. I will wait.

There is no need for any shit from anyone.

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