Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mon-keying incidents

I wanted to write some fun posts. Here is one of a monkey incident. I burst out in laughter every time I remember this.

I and my college friends were on final year project tour. We went to a city with tiled roofs and lots of greenery around.

I stayed in a hotel with almost wet walls and grounds with only a dry bed.

Then, I wanted to go out for lunch. The lunch was arranged on the terrace of the hotel building.

On the stairs' railing, there were two monkeys sitting. One was very big and the other was small. They were sitting together.

Just for fun, I made a face, teasing one, at the two monkeys. The big monkey bared its teeth. I ran away to the terrace, totally unaware of what was coming. When I took my plate for food, two people came hurriedly. One fair girl and one brown guy.

They started telling me, Anu, I don't know what you did. I replied to them coolly that I did not do anything.

At that particular moment, one large monkey on the terrace came running towards me.

I got scared. Since I was in a group, the rest of the group shooed the monkeys away.

Then, I realized what I did on the stairs.

You have no idea how much I laugh remembering this incident. Even to this day. My stomach bursts out.