Saturday, December 17, 2016

My caste story

Apparently, Yamanappa Koppad and Malathi Koppad belonged to Kuruba community. Which is the caste of the current chief minister, Siddaramaiah.

Erappa Kurubar, Malathi Koppad's father had hundreds of goats to herd.

Yamanappa Koppad was friends with current chief minister, Siddaramaiah. Often, Yamanappa Koppad always went out to campaign for Siddaramaiah.

There were stories of Siddaramaiah floating around. About his sons, and his wives.

I have had friends from all castes. Brahmins, Lingayaths, Eligas, Edigas, and some of the castes I do not even know. I have had friends from all kinds of people of all different language. Mangaloreans, Bangaloreans, people from all over India. I even had people from United States, whites, and black friends.

I do not see the difference in caste. I do not see the cultural backgrounds. I do not see the languages people speak. As long as you are a person who can respect to another person just as the same you are, I treat you equal. As long as you do not raise your hand/power over another person, I respect you for what you are.

I find people are both good and bad. Irrespective of the backgrounds they come from.

Unfortunately Malathi Koppad and Yamanappa Koppad dont think like me.Yamanappa Koppad took me to meet Mallika Ghanti, a person close to the chief minister, and the chief minister Siddaramaiah long time back.

I am not going to use caste to my advantage. I do not need a reservation. Even the thirty three percent of reservation that is set aside for women.

I dont need that.

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