Saturday, December 17, 2016

My divorce story

Dear All,

I am writing to let you all know. Demonetisation has been happening. It is ruining my life.

I want to complain about my message that I logged with the prime minister's website. Both the message on phone and mobile are missing.

I went to see Chief Minister and was not available at the time I went to see him.

This is RajhaPrabhu, my exhusband's profile. This is my father in law's profile

I went to the court near Lalbagh, on H. Siddaiah Road. The Judges changed three times within a span of one year.  

I read that the gold given to a girl at the time of marriage belonged to the girl. I read it here, and here,

I met a lawyer Basavaraj B L who took 9000 Rupees from me and never appeared to the court after the second hearing.

My exhusband gave me an alimony of two lakh rupees. I quit my Job from which was giving me a salary of eighteen thousand per month to move in with Rajhaprabhu.

My in-laws and parents did not give me the jewelry also.

I have more stories to tell that. I did not have a job in Chennai. Neither do I have now.

I quit from IPTel at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore because they were paying me Rs 15,000 per month.

How far is this right?

How do I tell this to these people?

Thanks and regards,

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