Saturday, December 10, 2016

Projects in pipeline

Here, as you must have already know from my previous posts, I literally have no personal life. That leaves a lot of room for several projects.

I bought a Arduino Uno board and a Raspberry Pi 3 boards for my projects. I got another Gemalto Concept Board from Gemalto people. I have another Intel concept development board that I intend to work on.

Apart from this, I recently wrote my patent agent exams, on 27 November 2016 to be specific in Chennai. I am still awaiting those results.

I am attending a Zumba instructor course on January 27, 2016.

Like I said before, I am also working as an intern for the Openstack group as part of the Outreach program.

And as a major move, I am moving away from Indian Institute of Science which I have always considered as home. I am going to miss you, Indian Institute of Science. As green as you are, I find my true calling, traveling, teaching what I can to others, in the process learning more.  I cannot remain stuck to you like a child is stuck to its mother via the umbilical cord.

I know my work life balance is definitely going to be awesome in 2017.

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