Friday, December 2, 2016

Shaping of identity - My take

I am writing this to understand the shaping of my own identity.

I am an individual, and I live in a society.

The atmosphere I grew up shaped me till my ideas were born, and I was able to think better, not prejudiced by the circumstances and environments that I grew up in.

That gave me the reason to write this post. Does the society define? Do I define me? What is that defines me?

There are some days when I do things that the society that I live in will never accept but makes me feel comfortable.

By the line of thought, I have come up with two theories, rather should I call them two identities that I have developed and I prefer to call them individual identity and collective identity.

Individual identity is something that I do when I am alone. I am happy eating lots, coding, reading, writing, dancing with no particular steps, or moves, etc.

Collective identity is what I pose for others to be just because I live in a society and I need their respect. Actually I don't need their respect, but then, I need money to live, food to live, that comes from working , and working requires that I interact with people, and hence I have to bow down to the system in which I live. 

There are days when I wake up and don't want to meet anyone. Nor interact with anyone. I have had enough with this people. And don't want to work anymore. I think of starving myself. So that I don't have to eat anymore. So that I don't have to mingle with people.

How many times will it before when I will be doing what I like instead of doing what is dictated by the system?

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