Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The new man in my life

Ok, people, here is the latest update in my life.

I had a pre marital affair with a guy called Praveen Ballal with whom I had sex for the first time. He died in a car accident, thats what his ex wife told me after I left him.

I was married to a jerk called Rajhaprabhu who had erectile dysfunction problems.

Then I have dated a guy who was in a relationship with a married woman. All three of us had problems. So I quit from there. Sex was good even if it was only two-three times.

I then got into a relationship with a married man, and later a very old guy. I quit because they did not offer me the comfort.

Now, finally I am getting some sex from that guy who was in a relationship with a married woman. Apparently, he told they have separated ways.

He lives in a another city. Once in a while, he comes to Bangalore, and its good.

So, I have asked him to move in with me in my new house.

He has not replied at all.

So, Sumit, if you are listening or reading this, reply and let me know if you are willing to move in with me, provided you pay half the rent that I am paying to live in my father's house.

You don't have to marry me. You can move out when you want. The same thing holds true for me. The moment I start feeling uncomfortable or way too comfortable, I will kick you out.

For the rest, see, I like Sumit not because I have great sex with me. That bloody bastard allows me to fist fight with him. Also, I will update you if comes back. If he does not, please do the needful for me. Kick some in his dark butt for me, please. Thank you for understanding.

And if you don't reply, it is ok. I will date some other guy on the block.

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