Monday, December 5, 2016

There was a man I saw.

There was a man I saw.

Every time I met him, I saw his eyes looking for an answer. His eyes looked longingly at me. His actions were almost totally different from what his eyes were telling me. His actions were being subdued by the brain in his body.

He was a man I met, amongst several men. I could picture him. He was a good looking man, with a decent paying secure job. He had a family, probably a loving one. Some days, I saw him accompanied by his wife and two beautiful kids. It was the most perfect family picture that I could ever want to paint.

There was something missing though. There was a longing in him for more. For more than living a normal life. He was still looking for the one who would make his life complete. It is a need that I understand. His brain confined him to the boundaries of our civil society while his heart yearned for the thrill of living, rather than just existing.

I also saw that putrid, pugnacious smell of being afraid of escaping from the norms, of being afraid to not conform to the rules of the society. I wanted to tell him to take the risk, and let go of everything that he had been raised for.

You see, I am someone who broke away from the emotional baggage, and earned my financial freedom. I could never see him do that. That made him a coward. A coward that did not risk for the comfort, even for the sake of living it. Even when that comfort was a lie, when it was actually taking away the precious moments of his life. A courage that he would never muster, that I had gathered and faced the consequences. He deserved that life.

I saw a man. A man who was where he deserved to be.

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