Saturday, December 10, 2016

Things that I miss about Indian Institute of Science

This post is due before I unpark my *** from Indian Institute of Science.

Its not the research, not the green campus, not the world class research facilities, not the people, not the professors, or the fact it is one of the most popular institutes in India that I will miss, or not even the fabulous nine rupee tea at Prakruthi canteen that I am going to miss about Indian Institute of Science.

There are three wise women, whose names that I do not know who work at Prakruthi canteen. I dont know them, and perhaps will never know them. Once in a while, when my salaries have not arrived or I am cracking jokes about the other waiters who have upturned noses, and are acting like they are the royalty of England, I don't give a damn about the waiters acting like royalty of England, these three women stand with me and laugh.

Its not even that these women are trying to date me or anything. I will keep it that way. My happy memory.

This was perhaps the best kind of relation that I have come across. Its even better than the one teacher that I had.

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