Friday, December 16, 2016

Which is the religion that I have to follow?

I was born into a Hindu family. My family was cattle shepherds.

Hinduism has so many gods.

Which god do I follow?

Lord Rama who took Sita to forests and then doubted Sita's fidelity. Then the earth under her feet broke and took her in after she gave birth to Lava Kusha. Lord Rama was "KIND" enough to believe a fishmonger's words and let go of his wife, Sita who followed him to the forest, and then walked on fire for her husband.

Lord Krishna, who had so many wives, that he took so many forms to please his thousand wives. No wonder, India has always had problems with the population.

Lord Vishnu, who sits on a snake bed, and keeps Lakshmi at his feet. Why not the other way round? Lakshmi on the top, and Vishnu at his feet?

Lord Shiva who was stupid enough to give his gift to Basmasura and then running away from Basmasura because Basmasura wanted to return the favor of the gift?

Not to mention other gods of Indian mythology, "Indra", another word for womanizer", etc of the likes. Why did Yama need a buffalo to ride on?

Lord Hanuman, who was Brahmachari but went all the way to look for Sita from Ayodhya in Bihar to Sri Lanka, for his lord's wife? Was it just loyalty that drove Hanuman?

Krishna who saved Draupadi in the time of the public rape, because the five brothers had bet their wife? What do I call this? What was a woman here? An object to betting? Why did not Krishna give Draupadi the powers of Kali to set those five brothers on fire and the entire the Kaurava who kept laughing while Draupadi was being raped publicly? Why did he give a saree only to Draupadi to cover herself?

Why did Laxmana draw a line and asked Sita to not cross limits while he went out to look for Rama himself?  Why did not Lakshmana not take Sita with him if he cared for Sita. Sita with him was better than Sita alone. If anyone tried to harm Sita, he could his bow and arrow skills. Or why would he not teach Sita to use arms and bows so that she would not need anyone to protect her? Was he expecting Ravana as a guest so that Sita remained at home, and would greet Ravana with open arms? Make someone weak, draw a line, circle around her, ask her to never cross the limits, and offer her as a bait to Ravana who always looked at other men's woman.

Is this the mythology that we draw inspirations from? Hindu Scriptures, anyone?

For a while, I tried to believe in Jesus, for he was a man who asked other men if there was no one in the crowd who had made mistake so that such a man was capable of punishing a prostitute. If Jesus was really a son of God, why did he not bestow powers to a woman to make a living for herself instead of going to other men.

I think of all, Jesus still holds the trophy. You know, when Satan came and challenged Jesus to jump off the cliff, why did Jesus walk away? What was Jesus afraid off? What was that Jesus that kept hanging to life? He did not have a wife, or a family that he had to fend for? Attention Deficient Disorder, anyone?

Dont even get me started on Muslim scriptures. Sorry, people, I will break it the way I see it. Men who forbid women from wearing men's clothes, do men like things. Keep her covered from head to toe so that no one else is seeing what is happening? What is there to hide? Who is having sex with whose's wife, is that what you want to hide?

I thought about this for a lot of time.

I am sorry that I do not believe the scriptures that is being offered to me. I choose my life above all. I would like to quote Upendra's dialogue, "I am god". Yes, I am a god in my world. And my world is not my family. My world is my body and mind. Who comes here and goes here, I decide. No one else.

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