Friday, March 3, 2017

Friends from UVCE that I have to remember

I had a couple of seniors who lent their text books and once in a while taught me a couple of questions to ask my teachers.

Harish Ramalingaswamy was my school friend and introduced me to his brother, Bhanuprakash Ramalingaswamy.

Bhanuprakash Ramalingaswamy and his friends, Mandeep Singh, Prashanth T John, Lijish, Brijesh, Naveen T P, Ashwin Kaujalgi, Niruapama lent me text books.

Mandeep Singh asked me to ask the question, "What is the gain bandwidth of an electronics amplifier?" to my electronics lecturer, B P Harish.

I want to ask Mandeep Singh, "How could be the same question be new to the old lecturer who had been through the same set of students before who had asked the same questions to him"

He also asked, the rate of disappointment is proportional to the time that is delayed. He told that to me.

He also told me that he had established a laboratory at home and he had his own father's business.

People, if you ever meet them, tell them hello from my side.

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