Sunday, March 12, 2017

Neighbourhood friends

Here is a list of neighbors that I had from my colony days. I wonder where they are and how they are doing.

A very pretty girl who resembled Lara data with respect to her nose structure, Soumya BJ and her brother also Suresh BJ who resembled actor Sunil Rao, their younger sister, Manjula BJ, and their parents, Sharada, and Jaikumar.

My neighbors Douglas Adams, and his wife Alice Abraham with their children, John Andrews, Grace Tabitha, Peter Samuelson, and Lalitha Pauline.

My top stairs people, Ramani and his family before. Later Ramakrishna Todur, and his wife and two children, Parvathy and Subramani.

My neighbours on the right hand side, Naga, Jaga, Shankara, Manju, and Shiva. Their parents, Shamanna, and his wife.

Then there was Vishwanath, his sister, and their parents, Rajanna and his wife.

There was the family, a large one at that, Gowri Thimmaiah, and her family.

Some of them, I am touch with them on Facebook. Doesn't seem like that these people would like to keep in touch with their old friends. They barely wave me hi or hellos when I pass by.

Time changes everything. Except a poor old soul like me who still looks for old friends amidst technology slaves.

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